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best budget golf rangefinders compared

Best 9 Budget Golf Rangefinders Reviewed

Golfers swear by their golf rangefinders! I, for one, don’t ever head for a game without my trusty device in tow. But there was a time when I used to shy away from buying a rangefinder. They are too costly, I thought. I don’t need one, I reasoned. But as my performance in the game … Read more

man wearing a golf hat for rain on the field

Best Waterproof Golf Hats for Rain Reviewed

Golf is a fun sport to play, but when it rains, you may not be quite ready to stop the fun. But with a gold rain hat, you can still play in the rain while being comfortable. The best golf rain hat will still allow you to play your best game ever! Best Golf Hat … Read more

Why get custom fitted golf clubs

Why Get Custom Fitted Golf Clubs

Regardless of their level of expertise, all players must use the right golf clubs for their game. Some golfers prefer going for custom fitted golf clubs for multiple reasons, and that’s why many brands that offer these services exist. Every golfer must use the best equipment during their game so they can achieve the best … Read more

What is the lag in a golf swing

What is the Lag in a Golf Swing

“Lag” is a term that is often used to refer to “slow” movements. It is predominantly used in video games, but the word is used differently in golf. In wolf, the word “lag” is used to refer to the movement in which your head remains behind your hands while you’re making the downswing while you … Read more

What is better: Gas or Electric Golf Cart

What is Better: Gas or Electric Golf Cart

A tough decision among those who play golf is to select between a gas and an electric golf cart. Although both models comply with the same function, moving you around the green, there are major differences, most economical and subjective ones. Before completing your purchase, we recommend you consider the advantages and drawbacks of both … Read more

What does handicap mean in golf, and how to track yours

What Does Handicap Mean in Golf, and How to Track Yours

“Handicap” is a concept widely used in golf. It is one of the main topics related to this sport that players should understand to avoid particular problems from the beginning. The “handicap” is a number used to refer to your ability, based on previous scores. Handicaps are widely used to keeping up with your progress … Read more

What do golf caddies do

What Do Golf Caddies Do

According to many “official” sources and dictionaries, a caddie is a person who carries the golf clubs. But is that true? Although technically, carrying the golf clubs is one of a caddie’s main responsibilities, their work goes beyond that. A caddy must have enough knowledge about golf to be able to provide assistance to the … Read more

What are the dimensions and weight of a golf ball

What are The Dimensions and Weight of a Golf Ball

As it may be obvious, you cannot play golf without golf balls. They are one of the most crucial accessories to practice this sport, and therefore, some standards apply to it. Unlike other accessories, there are official measurements that apply to the golf ball. Additionally, you can use different types of balls, including Two-piece, Three … Read more

How to read a golf scorecard

How to Read a Golf Scorecard

Different golf courses will have a particular number of holes. For instance, you have an 18-hole course, while shorter ones may have six or even less than that. If you’re new to golf, it may seem like a golf scorecard only portrays random numbers. You will also find different colors, such as white or gold. … Read more

How to know which golf club to use for what distance

How to Know Which Golf Club to Use for What Distance

You’ll need a distinct golf club for a determined shot. However, to figure out what club would work better in this case, it would help if you knew the overall distance – or an estimated – you hit a ball with all the golf clubs in your possession. After that, you’ll know what the best … Read more

How to become a golf course rater

How to Become a Golf Course Rater

A golf course rater’s work is often taken for granted, although they have a crucial role in the game’s development. They evaluate multiple factors within a golf course, such as the topography and water hazards. Raters are in charge of evaluating each course’s holes for all golfers, regardless of their scratch or bogey players. The … Read more

How many batteries does a golf cart use, and how long do they last

How Many Batteries Does a Golf Cart Use, and How Long Do They Last

The question that gives title to this article is more common than you think. Generally speaking, it is known that golf cart batteries may last for about ten years, although they may start malfunctioning earlier than that. It’s not uncommon to see a golf cart’s battery faulty after only three years, even if they’re privately … Read more

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