Benefits of a Golf Rangefinder with Slope Technology

Are you wondering why most golf players choose a golf rangefinder with slope? Or how they can calculate the right club? If yes, you are in the right place. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of a golf rangefinder with slope technology. And why you should choose a golf rangefinder with slope. But before we discuss that, we need to understand what slope technology is.

What is a slope measurement feature

Gone are the days, when golf rangefinders were only used to measure the distance. With the advancement in technology and the increasing popularity of golf, people are coming up with new golf rangefinder features.

One such feature is slope measurement. Earlier people have to calculate the distance to find the flagsticks physically, but it all changed with the introduction of golf rangefinder. Now you can find rangefinders with multiple features like slope measurement, pin seeking technology, Magnification and dual display.

Because of these techniques, golf has become relatively easy and interesting. Like in slope measurement feature along with calculating the distance to the hole, you can also measure the slope distance or the degree of elevation. This helps you to plan your shot perfectly.

How does a golf rangefinder with slope works?

Normally you will find many slopes on the golf field because of this slope the entire distance calculation changes. So if you are playing on a field with many slopes on it, a typical golf rangefinder will hardly give you the extra benefit. You have to depend on your expertise and experience totally.

In this case, a golf rangefinder with slope comes to your rescue. Instead of using a traditional rangefinder, you can choose a rangefinder with slope. This device will help you to adjust the actual distance based on the slopes. It will calculate the original distance of the hole as well as the angle of the slope to give to an accurate distance measurement. A rangefinder with slope uses a laser beam to calculate the distance and degree of elevation.


The actual distance between you and the flagstick is 100 yards. However, the flagstick is on a hill with 6-degree elevation. So here a regular rangefinder will calculate the distance as 100 yards. Now if you plan the shot as per this distance, you will likely fall behind the target. But if you are using a rangefinder with slope, it will adjust the distance depending upon the degree of elevation.

Suppose the calculated distance as per the slope is 150 yards. So now when you plan and hit the shot as per 150 yards distance, you are more likely to reach the target.

Benefits of using a golf rangefinder with slope

Here are some advantages of slope measurement feature and the benefits of using a golf rangefinder with slope technology.

Ability to play on hilly golf fields

You will face a lot of difficulties to plan the shot while paying on hills. But if you are using a rangefinder with slope, you can easily play on hills and take advantage of the situation.

Downhill and uphill distance calculation

Golf rangefinders with slope technology will help to calculate the actual distance as well as the uphill and downhill distance by using laser technology.

Adjusted distance

When you use a laser golf rangefinder with slope technology, you will get three results on the screen. 1. The actual distance as per normal rangefinder. 2. The degree of the slope. 3. The adjusted distance as per the slope.

Mapping the course

It will also help you to know the course, i.e. if the field is elevated or on a slope. Once you are able to map the course, you can easily determine your shots. This will give you confidence and improve your performance.

Club Selection

Depending upon the course of the field, you can select a club that fits best for that particular situation. The information that you get from the calculation of slopes and yardages will help you to choose the perfect club for that shot.

Saves Time

If you are using a normal rangefinder, you have to decide you shot by making judgments about the slopes and the accurate distance. With a rangefinder with slope feature, you don’t have to waste your time on calculations, and it will be already presented to you on the screen.

Additional features: Laser golf rangefinders with slope are available with additional features like pin seeking feature, magnification or jolt technology. You will get to enjoy additional features.

Can be switched off for competition

As we know, rangefinders with slope are not allowed in competitions. But these rangefinders are also available with a switch which can be used to turn off the slope feature and make it suitable for competition.


These are all the advantages of a golf rangefinder with slope technology. So if you are planning to buy a golf rangefinder, go with the one with slope technology. It will be useful if you are playing golf in the field with lots of slopes. Also, as additional information, see my article on golf rangefinder batteries as it’s an important aspect of the product that you choose.

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