The 5 Best Golf Rangefinders With Slope to Buy in 2020

If golf is something you love, I will tell you exactly how to up your game! It’s all about having the right equipment in hand.

There is a secret to a great game, and unlike old times, one does not need to toil his way to it. While clubs are essential, a golf game requires knowledge, and a golf rangefinder will provide you with just that!

Golf has been my hobby for the past two decades. I still remember before I decided to pursue architecture, the golf court would be my favorite place to be.

Hi, I am Joshua Bennes, and I will take you through my guide to find the best golf rangefinders with slope.

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Guide to Buying the Best Golf Rangefinder with Slope

Imagine a beautiful sunny day, the sky is clear and blue, it’s slightly breezy, and the grass is freshly trimmed. You are out on a golf court with a few friends planning to chill with a few good games and then a round of conversation.

I would consider this as my ideal day if I am not playing the piano or hiking in the mountains. To be a good golfer and a passionate one at that, I have always taken care of the most intricate details. From buying the best-golfing equipment available in the market to getting a swing trainer to help me master my moves, I have indulged in everything.

It was challenging to choose the perfect golf court, but finally, I shortened my choices to a few. My golf buddies also went to incredible lengths to perfect their moves. But what we all realized is that only spending money on expensive equipment will not give us compensation and guarantee that we would be the best players.

What is essential is the knowledge and tactics of the game. I began golfing back when I was 20 years old, and I remember my father taking me to the field and introducing me to golf clubs for the first time. I learned swing mechanics, putting, and more. It took me years of constant practice to reach where I am today, and there is one thing I have learned, a golf rangefinder is crucial.

It gives me vital information about the field I am playing on and helps me plan my moves well. Once I knew the many benefits of using it, I was immediately looking out for the best golf rangefinder with slope.

Why should you use a rangefinder in golf?

If you want to see an improvement in your game and tactics, get yourself a rangefinder. Previously, calculating a map of the golf course would have been done mentally because a rangefinder did not exist.

But with the presence of this device today, why would you go to great lengths in terms of mind mapping the place? Let the machine do its work while you practice your moves with clubs.

Learning your club ranges

A difference of a few yards would lead to overshooting or undershooting. The rangefinder helps to understand the range for each club, so my hits are always on point. This level of precision is almost impossible without this product. The extra information heightened my skill level as well as gave me a lot of confidence.

Learn courses

Pro golfers always indulge in a few practice rounds around the course to get the hang of it. They would want to know about the location of the holes and distances between themselves and the holes. I always make sure to use a rangefinder with a slope to understand the limitations of a

This way, you can decide to use the right club that fits your requirements. I have personally played with the wrong club and have faced significant difficulties and would advise you to check twice
before the game.

Speed up play

It takes some time to find the mark, measure distances, and choose the right club accordingly and then shoot. With a rangefinder, I did it within 30 seconds. Once I found my mark, I would lock it, and according to the distance shown on my device, I would pick a club and shoot the ball. This actually keeps my partner happy, too, as he does not have to wait for too long.

How to choose the best one?

Choosing the best rangefinder is a difficult job as not only do you have to keep the company in mind but also your requirements. If you buy a fabulous product, but most of the features do not apply to you, then it is not of much use.

1. Slope: Consider the slopes that are part of the court. If there are many uneven surfaces, it needs to be measured, and you should try to buy a gadget that can measure inclinations and declinations with precision. Not only that, there are other great benefits of choosing a golf rangefinder with the slope technology. The elevation is present in most golf courts, and thus the slope feature is actually unavoidable.

2. Lock-on: I would suggest that you ask for the pin locking system, which will help you lock the target spot. Once you can measure distances between you and the spot and can gauge the distance and elevation, hitting the right shot would become more convenient.

3. Battery life: This is a factor that should be given importance too. Look for a battery that will last for the full 18 holes to complete the match. It should technically be able to last for 8 hours on one charge. This will ensure that you can play two matches without worrying about charging. If the batteries are not rechargeable, it is best to keep a backup set with you in case of emergencies.

4. Portability: Another point that I found to be very important was the size of the device. So there are times when you may hit the golf court directly from the office and may not be in a position to carry a lot of equipment. If you face this problem, buy a product that is light and compact and will easily fit in your pockets.

Being an architect, I already carry around my suitcase with a range of equipment and stationery I need. A large rangefinder would only add on to the burden, and so I made my decision.

Also, keep in mind the quality of the device. Personally, I would agree to spend more on one machine which is of exceptional quality than a device that is cheaper but lacks top-notch built and sturdiness. The equipment should be reliable and preferably weather resistant.

If you are tight on money, see my guide on buying the best budget golf rangefinder.

I live in Wisconsin where the weather fluctuates often, so a weather-proof and water-resistant device is a very dire need. If you stay in a similar place, please make sure to tick off this requirement.

TOP Golf Rangefinders with Slope Reviewed

TecTecTec Laser Golf Rangefinder VPRO500S Slope with Battery
This is one of the highest-selling golf laser rangefinders which I came upon. With a stylish finish, I was impressed by how it looked as well as the superb operational capacity. The product is stacked with high-end features and it comes at an affordable price. Here’s everything I liked about it:
1. Accuracy and distance

Measuring the distance has always been of crucial importance while playing golf, and this laser rangefinder has a range of 540 yards. It is not very long but will cover up the majority of golf courses.

I only had to pull the trigger while pointing at the target, and if the goal was too far, I could use the 6x magnification for better vision. Once your target is pinned down with the PinSensor technology, it will be saved and locked so as there is no chance of you measuring extra distance beyond the point.
2. Slope
The device also comes with a slope function, which makes sure that the distance is adjusted accordingly, so you know what the shot will play like. This is an important feature, especially for fields where the terrain is rough and has many sloped surfaces.
3. Durability

The product comes with a pouch that is shock resistant and weather resistant. This pouch was extremely useful when the golf cart lost balance and fell over one of the days. I came out with a few scratches, but the device had no marks on it. Also, even without the pouch, the rangefinder is made with rainproof materials and will not get affected by adverse weather conditions.

Pin Sensor technology for locking down a point
540 yards may not be an adequate range for all Batteries are not rechargeable
Accurate to 1 yard
6X magnification for better vision
Very affordable with high-end features
Ability to turn off the slope measurement
Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Slope
This product is truly a gem when it comes to features. Though it has a shorter range of 400 yards, the model is extremely accurate when it comes to calculating the distance. One of its top features is adaptive slope support, which makes sure that the slope and its heights are taken into consideration. Here’s everything I admire in this product:

1. Accuracy and lockon notification

The pulse vibration feature is an essential part of the machine, as it will make you aware if you have not lined up with the TAG system. This is accompanied by a 6x zoom that helps see targets easily when they are far away. This will ensure that you do not end up locking a wrong destination or going beyond the target.

2. Premium build quality

It comes with premium built quality, and I was pleased the moment this product reached me. Some of my golf buddies who are also into marketing and take time off every Sunday to indulge in this fantastic sport enquired about this device after seeing it.

3. Value for money

The price is a bit of a concern as its range is 400 yards, but it is at par with devices offering a much higher range. But again, the quality and aesthetics, along with the functionality, makes a great combination to buy. Also, it is suited for golf tournaments, and if you are an avid player like me, this is an excellent device to have and will be accepted at the match.

Accurate up to 1 yard
400 yards of effective range only
The TAG targeting system is used
Cannot measure the speed
Pin Sensor Technology for better precision
Non-rechargeable battery
Measures Slope height and fall accordingly
6x magnification support for better focus
USGA legal
Two-year warranty
Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Slope

This is one of those golf rangefinders, which has a range of 1,200 yards and stands at a stark contrast from the previous models. I had chosen this device when I was shifting to a bigger golf course, and anything less than this range would have been problematic. I think you’ll like it for the following reasons:

1. Clear display

It is by far one of the smoothest and fastest devices in the market with a color OLED display. The best part is that you can adjust the level of brightness according to your needs. This is important in case of sunny days when the display board loses its visibility power. With this rangefinder, I could quickly increase the brightness in such a situation.

2. Portability

The Pro model is pretty small and light and not difficult to carry around. It would easily fit into any small bag. Another feature that I appreciated is the exclusive stabilization technology. My dad would come to play with me sometimes, and due to old age, his hands often shiver a lot. The stabilization technology makes sure one can still point at the target and be accurate.

3. Fast lockon

Nikon’s next-gen Hyper Read correctly displays your measurement results in approx. 0.3 seconds – regardless of distance. Being a regular golfer, I would say this is vital because the faster the measurement is taken, the quicker you can begin playing.

Waterproof and weather-resistant
Carrying case is kind of flimsy
Background Contrasted Crystal Clear OLED Display
USGA approved
Advanced Pin Identification and quick Multi-Target Mapping
Bushnell Tour V4 Shift with Slope

Being a class 1 laser-powered rangefinder that runs on CR-2 batteries, the Bushnell Tour V4 is a treat to use. With a range of 1,000 yards, this was perfect for medium-sized golf courses. You should definitely give it a try because of these advantages:

1. Durability

I found it very efficient to carry around too with a high-quality zipper sealed carrying case. The case allowed no harm to come upon the device even when my son dropped it from the car.

2. Slope measurement

I found that the slope could easily be measured with this device, and the angles could be set accordingly with the slope switch technology. Also, once you have placed your target, you can use the pin seeker technology to track the pin so no extra distance is measured. A vibration will tell you if the pin has been locked.

I thought considering the features, the price could have been slightly lower. Powered by CR-2 lithium batteries, which can be a tad bit expensive, this device met all of my needs, but it was a somewhat costly affair.

The range extends till 1,000 yards
Non-rechargeable batteries
Very accurate till 1 yard
Cannot measure the speed
5x magnification for clear vision
Presence of Pin seeker and Jolt Technology
USGA approved
Callaway 300 Pro with Slope

This is my favorite gadget, as it fits into my pocket so well. It is also waterproof and will not be affected by adverse weather conditions. I bought this device especially for times when I had to go to play post office work, and it would be difficult to carry too much around with me. Here’s what I like about it:

1. Accuracy and distance

The device comes with an effective range of 1,000 yards and an accuracy rate of 1 yard. This was a pleasant surprise considering the machine is compact and straightforward to carry around. It comes with an additional feature of scanning the boundaries and gives me accurate precision.

2. Slope and magnification features

Like the previous devices, this one also comes with a 6x magnification feature, which would help to track down the target. Along with this, the toggleable slope function helps to calculate distances based on the inclinations and declinations.

The two issues that I had with this device are regarding the fact that it cannot be used to measure speed, and it uses CR-2 batteries. These are batteries that cannot be recharged, and you may face a deficiency in power. But these issues have been seen in the rest of the models, and should not be much of a deal-breaker.

The range extends up to 1,000 yards
Non-rechargeable batteries
Accurate till 1 yard
Cannot measure the speed
USGA approved
Toggleable slop support to measure inclines and declines
Scanning feature to understand the background
PAT system to pinpoint better


Whether you need a rangefinder or not is entirely dependent on you. If you seldom play golf, and you play only for fun, then a rangefinder would not be required. But like me, if you take golf seriously and want to invest time and money into it, please buy a product that’s best suited for you.
For what it’s worth, the Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope Measurement is our favorite gadget from the list. While being small and compact, it is easy to carry around. It measures the elevation of slopes, the distance between you and the hole, and maps the background for you.

I found this product to be standing apart from the rest. It is also USGA approved, and one can easily switch off all the features other than measuring distance.

Though this is my favorite, you may decide upon another product from the list I provided above. The only point is, when you are stepping out on a beautiful day geared up to play golf, you should be completely prepared for the game.

Leave a lasting impression on your fellow partner and embrace the game. You are well prepared for it by now. Go on and win the title of ‘a tiger’ in the court!

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Joshua Bennes
Joshua Bennes

Hi, I’m Joshua, a full-time architect with a knack for internet marketing. My true passion, however, lies in the golf courts where I visit every chance I get and have been doing so for the past 20 years or so. Using my experience, my goal is to help others select the best golf equipment and become better players.