Difference Between a Golf Rangefinder & a Hunting Rangefinder

Are you using your old hunting rangefinder for golfing as well? If you are, you are probably missing out on all the special features of a golf rangefinder. Although most people use a standard rangefinder for hunting and golfing, there is a significant difference between the two rangefinders. In this post, we will elucidate about the critical differences between a golf rangefinder and a hunting rangefinder. Before we move on to the differences, we must understand what a rangefinder is.

What is a rangefinder

A rangefinder is a distance measuring instrument. You can use it to measure the distance between you and a selected target. It is mostly used by the army and by adventure junkies for outdoor adventures like hunting, golfing, hiking and observing wildlife.


With a range finder, you can measure the distance between you and the Flagstick.

There are two main types of rangefinders, i.e. optical and laser. Nowadays, people are using specific rangefinders as per their activities, i.e. for playing golf, people are using golf rangefinder, and for hunting, people are using a hunting rangefinder. This brings us to our main topic, ‘difference between a golf rangefinder and a hunting rangefinder.’

5 Major differences between a Golf Rangefinder and Hunting Rangefinder

If you still think there is no difference between a golf rangefinder and a hunting rangefinder, you are totally wrong. Here we are going to point out five major differences between them.

Target Mode

• Golf rangefinders use “First Target Mode”. By using this, you can easily detect closer objects in the golf field like a flagstick.

• Hunting rangefinders use “Distant Target Mode”. By using this, you can easily focus on distant objects.


• With golf rangefinders, you only find objects under 400 yards range. It covers a shorter range.

• With hunting rangefinder, you can cover up to 1000 to 1500 yards range distance.


• Golf rangefinders will give you quick results. You don’t need accuracy while playing golf.

• Hunting rangefinder will provide you with accurate results. You need accurate targeting results while hunting.


• Golf rangefinders are available in 3 common types. The three types of golf rangefinders are as follows.

• Laser: You can target the object and click the laser trigger to focus on the object. The distance will be displayed on your screen.

• Optical: You can use it like binoculars. You have to focus with one eye on the target to get the reading.

• GPS: You can easily wear it on your wrist and select the target on the screen to get the distance.

• There are many types of hunting rangefinders. We will focus on three main types.

• Archery rangefinders: You can use to angle your bow correctly to get the aim right.

• Rifle-Hunting rangefinders: You can use it while hunting with a rifle. It will give you 1000 yards range.

• Precision-Shooting units: You can use it for long-distance hunting. You will get a precise target location and distance.


• Golf rangefinders are cheaper. You can easily get a golf rangefinder around $100 – $400.

• Hunting rangefinders can be costly. You can get a cheap one around $100, but the price goes an increasing depending upon the lenses.

Why should you use golf rangefinder for golf

Many people still use a hunting rangefinder for golf. Although you can use a hunting rangefinder for golf, you might face several issues. These are some reasons why golf rangefinder is better for golf.

Pin Seeker option

Golf rangefinders will give you an additional pin seeker option. By using this option, you can easily target or find the pin. You won’t get this option in a hunting range finder.

Target mode

For playing golf, you need to use “First Target Mode” to detect the target. If you are using a hunting rangefinder, you will not be able to switch modes and focus on nearby objects.


You will get immediate results using a golf rangefinder. Hunting rangefinder is accurate but not as quick as golf rangefinder.


You can easily get an affordable golf rangefinder, whereas a good hunting rangefinder can be expensive,


You can get many options while choosing a golf rangefinder. There are many types of golf rangefinders in the market.


This is how a golf rangefinder is different from a hunting rangefinder. Although the main purpose is the same, you will find a lot of functional differences between the two. So if you are playing golf, you should always use a golf rangefinder. As we have discussed above, there are many perks of using a golf rangefinder.

Also, if you’re new to golf rangefinders, see my article on how to use a golf rangefinder, so you could have to best golf game possible.

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