How Many Batteries Does a Golf Cart Use, and How Long Do They Last

The question that gives title to this article is more common than you think. Generally speaking, it is known that golf cart batteries may last for about ten years, although they may start malfunctioning earlier than that.

It’s not uncommon to see a golf cart’s battery faulty after only three years, even if they’re privately owned.

Although it is often said that a golf cart battery’s lifespan is up to ten years, you use your cart with not much frequency and provide the appropriate maintenance whenever needed. On the other hand, the battery’s lifetime will decrease if you use it too often and do not pay too much attention to its maintenance.

Therefore, a golf cart battery’s durability depends on particular factors, including maintenance and amount of use. We’d also include damages caused by particular conditions or misuse. It’s also important to note that a golf cart battery’s lifespan may be reduced by other factors, especially when leaving your cart outside while there is hot weather.

Factors that impact your golf cart batteries’ lifespan

As mentioned above, there are three main factors to take into account when trying to calculate how much your car battery will last. Here we explore them thoroughly:

  1. Battery Maintenance
  2. Brand and Quality
  3. Golf Cart Features

Batter Maintenance

It’s safe to say that you should never overcharge your golf cart’s batteries like with other electric artifacts. However, it may accidentally happen once in a while, especially if you use manual battery chargers. It would help if you acknowledged that this problem shouldn’t happen too often. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself changing batteries too soon.

Older models of manual battery chargers cannot detect the exact moment when the batter has acquired full charge. Therefore, it won’t shut down or “slow down,” and your battery will continue to receive power – and damage while it is at it.

You can easily solve this problem by using a new battery charger. As they are “smarter” than the older models, they can quickly detect when the battery has finished the charging process and stop or slow down the charge.

If you own a manual charger and want to continue to use it, it would be best if you added a timer to it to know when your golf cart’s battery is ready. Otherwise, you are risking its durability, and that can cost you more money in the long-run.

Furthermore, your batteries require maintenance. For instance, water is recommended using distilled water (tap water causes even more damage to the batteries). It would also be best if you checked whether the battery is full or not to avoid “overfilling” it.

Watering the battery should be done once per month, at least. It is one of the key factors that people do not consider.

Brand and Quality

Your battery’s brand is also crucial when it comes to its durability. Some brands may be better than others, but that’s subjective to each person’s experience and the product’s specifications.

It is also essential to use a high-quality charger, as it impacts your battery’s lifespan.

Golf Cart Features

For the last factor, we’ll consider your golf cart’s features.

For instance, if your cart has too many features that require battery usages – such as fog lights, a horn, and even the motor itself (it can be an “upgraded” version to enhance speed), your battery’s lifespan will very likely be compromised.

Let’s make a comparison. Using a fleet golf cart battery for two-four rounds of golf daily can grant it a lifetime of about four or seven years. However, privately-owned batteries with the same use may last over six years and up to ten.

It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the maintenance as much as possible. This process implies making sure the terminals are clean and that the water levels are optimal at least once a month. It is also essential to charge the battery at its full capacity before using the cart.

Please note that lead-acid batteries may not last too much time if the battery is completely drained before you charge it.


Golf cart batteries that are kept in optimal conditions should last up to ten years. However, if you do not provide them with proper care, they will only keep functioning for about three years or even less, especially if you let some of the factors described above combine.

You need to take this issue seriously, as it may affect your economy. Keeping your golf cart’s battery is not complicated, and you’re only required to keep an eye on it once per month. Please also make sure you’re charging it correctly.

Please consider that other factors – such as high-speed carts and even hot temperatures- can greatly impact your battery’s lifespan.

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