How to Keep a Golf Rangefinder Steady When Aiming

Is it your first time using a golf rangefinder? Are you facing difficulty in keeping your golf rangefinder steady when aiming?

If yes, you are not the first person who is facing this problem. Many first-time users find it quite difficult to keep the golf rangefinder steady when aiming.

I remember when I first held a rangefinder, my hands were shaking like crazy, but I managed to steady it, and so can you. For best results, before starting measurements, take a few deep breaths to relax. Relaxing is essential when it comes to taking measurements (take it from a professional), and rangefinding is no exception.

You can’t become a professional in using a golf rangefinder while trying it for the first time. Like using every other gadget, you have to practice till you get the hang of it.

In this post, we will teach you how to keep a golf rangefinder steady when aiming. We will also discuss a few tips and techniques with you to learn it more quickly.

But first, we must understand the reason behind this problem.

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Why do you face difficulty in keeping the golf rangefinder steady?

Although golf rangefinder is considered to be user-friendly, you might still face problems while using them. It is not because of complicated functions or features.

Most people face problems in keeping the golf rangefinder steady. You will face this problem while using a golf laser rangefinder.

You will not face this problem in GPS rangefinder because you don’t have to aim it on the target.

If you are interested, check my article on laser rangefinder vs GPS rangefinder comparison. It will give you a good idea of which product would be better for your specific needs.

You just have to wear it on your wrist, and it will do the work. But this is not the case in laser rangefinders. In laser rangefinders, you have to focus, align and aim at the target to know the distance. If you don’t aim the target properly, you will get an incorrect distance. This is the step where people face a problem.

While using a laser golf rangefinder to aim, you might become nervous and can’t keep your hands steady. You might also get confused by aligning the rangefinder and miss the target. Many people find it difficult to focus, aim and press the button at the same time. As it is a fairly new device, you might need some time to keep your hands steady.

How to keep the rangefinder steady while aiming?

Here are some techniques which you can use to keep your hands steady to get a perfect aim.


You need to adjust the magnification on the lens for aiming perfectly. If the magnification is not adjusted according to the target distance, you might miss the aim.

Posture and grip

Make sure you are standing in the correct posture. Put your weight equally on your legs; keep your dominant foot ahead and hold the device in a firm grip.

Use your dominant hand to grip the device. Angle your shoulders and arms so that you can easily hold it at your eye level.

Adjust your eye

You need to adjust your tour hand and eye coordination. Make sure you are able to focus on the target. Try to press the laser button while to aim the target correctly.

Don’t shake your fingers

The problem occurs here. While pressing the button, keep your fingers steady and don’t shake them, when you shake your fingers, you tend to miss the target.

Keep the rangefinder steady after pressing the button

Many people quickly move the rangefinder after pressing the button. It may sometimes disrupt the aim. Make sure you hold the rangefinder device steady after pressing the button.

Aim on large targets

You need to first try aiming at larger objects to get the grip. Larger targets are easy to aim. So by practising on large targets, you can learn the basics.

Start with short distance

Start measuring short distance by focusing on nearby objects. Don’t go for long-distance targets. Start measuring the short distance to get the grip.

Practice with trained people

Only practice will make you perfect. Keep practising with someone who knows how to use a golf rangefinder.

Few tips to keep a golf rangefinder steady

•    Read the manual that comes with the rangefinder device.
•    Watch YouTube videos on how to keep a golf rangefinder steady when aiming.
•    Practice as much as you can.
•    Don’t give up after a few days of trying.
•    Take criticism positively
•    Work on your posture, grip and coordination.
•    Learn how to aim and press the button together.
•    Practice hand-eye coordination


Follow these techniques and tips to learn how to keep the golf rangefinder steady when aiming. Make sure you follow all the techniques correctly.

It doesn’t take much time to learn the technique. The secret behind getting the aim right is by practising your aim. So don’t lose hope and keep practising.

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