How to Know What Size Golf Clubs to Buy

Are you having doubts about what the right size for your golf clubs is? You’ve made an essential step. After all, it is essential to use the appropriate golf equipment for your abilities and physique whenever you begin playing.

Before we start, let’s make some things clear. The clubs you choose should be appropriate to your body – including your height and wrist-to-floor length. Other crucial aspects include your ability or swing speed, for example.

It’s never a good idea to purchase the first golf clubs you find. Therefore, it would be best to consider this article’s information, so your performance is not affected negatively.

Why is it important to choose the right length for your clubs?

For starters, using too short or too long clubs may cause you to modify your stance or swing that may affect the results in a way that could’ve been avoided if you made the right choice.

Let’s say you selected a shorter club for your height. If this is the case, you will be forced to bend over too much. On the other hand, larger clubs will obligate you to adopt an erect position all the time. Both of these possible adjustments can affect your swing motion badly and cause it not to be as effective as you wish it would.

Once you’ve found the correct club length that’s calibrated to your height, your stance will be appropriate for your body. Therefore, you’ll have a smoother swing action and will provide you with more consistency.

Discovering the right club length

There are three main factors to take into account while choosing the right club length for your height. Remember that each player has different specifications, but most professional club fitters will carry out a peculiar dynamic that includes the following aspects:

  1. The person’s total height
  2. The person’s wrist-to-floor measurements
  3. Other in-swing factors

The first two factors are considered “static,” while the last one is dynamic as it includes movement. Let’s explore each factor individually.

Total Height

The length of your club should be by your height. Therefore, the first step is to figure out your exact height. Although this information is essential, it does not provide enough information to resolve the club length issue.

Therefore, your overall height should be accompanied by the next factor to find out what your best option is, finally. This aspect is each person’s wrist-to-floor measurement.

Wrist-to-Floor Measurements

Additionally, you should consider your wrist-to-floor measurement. It is important to count this aspect as it improves the accuracy of the test.

Using your height is not enough to find out the right size for your golf clubs. On the other hand, the wrist-to-floor measurement considers different aspects, such as your arms and legs’ length. The two factors described above can have significant differences.

How to take your Wrist-to-Floor measurements

It is crucial to wear regular shoes without higher heels. Your height should be as precise as possible. You must then stand on the floor while both of your arms are hanging down at your sides. Both of them need to be straight down.

While you stand in this position, make someone measure the space from the floor to your wrist’s crease. Then, you will have a more accurate representation of how long your club should be.

For instance, a person with a height of 6’2” has a wrist-to-floor measurement of 39 inches. For this golfer, the most appropriate club length should be ½ inches longer than the standard.

In-Swing Factors

Last but not least, let’s take into account the in-swing factors. As mentioned above, these measurements are dynamic because the movement is involved. The two previous factors are “static.”

The in-swing factors are more compound than the previous aspects as they consider your swing motion and the ball flight, for instance.

A fitter will have an overall idea of how your swing is by observing you. This process is hugely important as you may have stance problems. The fitter will assess any other crucial factor.

However, what was mentioned are not the only factors to take into consideration. A fitter will observe other issues, such as your shot-launch angle, for further recommendations not about your club length but other aspects such as the club’s loft instead.

Therefore, these three factors will provide you with an accurate representation of your ideal golf club size. It’s crucial to take them all seriously and provide the fitter with as much information as possible.

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