How to Know Which Golf Club to Use for What Distance

You’ll need a distinct golf club for a determined shot. However, to figure out what club would work better in this case, it would help if you knew the overall distance – or an estimated – you hit a ball with all the golf clubs in your possession. After that, you’ll know what the best golf club for the distance you require is.

Depending on the material they’re made of or what kind of player you are, you can use different golf club types on the game.

You can find multiple comparisons out there, although those are based on particular factors and not yours. It is essential to understand that the distances expressed in most spreadsheets around the web are merely for orientation.

Distances are personal for each player, and therefore, they depend on multiple aspects. For instance, these factors include the individual characteristics of the used club, weather conditions, the player’s physique, and expertise, among many others.


Most spreadsheets out there are the same, so it would not be very meaningful to write the same table here. However, we can give you particular examples for you to get to know averages.

  • A wood 1 (1W) has a loft of 11º and should be able to achieve a distance of around 210 meters.
  • A hybrid 1 (1H) has a loft of 17-19º and should be able to achieve a distance of around 180 meters.
  • An iron 1 (1I) has a loft of 15º and should be able to achieve a distance of around 180 meters.
  • There are multiple types of wedges. For instance, a Pitching has a loft of 48º and achieves a distance of 90 meters, while an Ultra Lob or UL achieves a distance of 50 meters while it has a loft of 64º.
  • Putters commonly have a 5-6º loft, and the standard distance is 20 meters.

Again, remember that these examples are used for orientation purposes. They should not reflect your measurements because each player has individual ones. Therefore, you should consider different factors to figure out the optimal golf club for your requiring distance.

Factors that affect the distance

You’re ready to hit the ball. You are positioned properly, and your swing is top-notch. However, once the move is done, you realize that the result wasn’t as good as expected. What happened?

Well, consider that there are more factors than just the club that affect your shot’s distance.

Moreover, you should know that achieving the overall distance you can obtain with a particular golf club is not easy. It would be best to consider multiple factors, such as the material used, your ability, and many others.

Here we explain some of the most common factors that affect the distance.

Weather conditions

This aspect is obvious. If you hit the golf ball while the wind is favorable or against you, you’ll lose or gain meters based on the wind’s speed. Additionally, the lateral wind will also affect the overall distance.

It’s also worth noting that playing golf on a rainy or sunny day affects your shots’ overall outcome.


Although this factor is essential, most people do not consider it. This event results in multiple problems. For example, playing in fields with lower altitude will result in achieving lower distance.

Swing and Handicap

Unless you’re already a professional, it’s very likely that you won’t achieve the expected distance with your shots. When you’re starting, it is a bit hard to achieve a fluid and consistent swing, so this factor becomes hugely crucial if you want to achieve homogeneous distances.

It is because of this factor that you can reach different distances with the same club. Therefore, you should take into account all the factors that affect your swing for your hits and distances to be more consistent.

Additionally, players with a lower handicap usually have more consistent shots and will achieve the desired distance with more frequency, but not always.

There are many other factors to consider.

This includes demographic aspects, the ball’s location, and other golf equipment. It is necessary to consider as many factors as possible so that you can find out what the best golf club is.

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