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Why get custom fitted golf clubs

Why Get Custom Fitted Golf Clubs

Regardless of their level of expertise, all players must use the right golf clubs for their game. Some golfers prefer going for custom fitted golf clubs for multiple reasons, and that’s why many brands that offer these services exist. Every golfer must use the best equipment during their game so they can achieve the best … Read more

What is the lag in a golf swing

What is the Lag in a Golf Swing

“Lag” is a term that is often used to refer to “slow” movements. It is predominantly used in video games, but the word is used differently in golf. In wolf, the word “lag” is used to refer to the movement in which your head remains behind your hands while you’re making the downswing while you … Read more

What is better: Gas or Electric Golf Cart

What is Better: Gas or Electric Golf Cart

A tough decision among those who play golf is to select between a gas and an electric golf cart. Although both models comply with the same function, moving you around the green, there are major differences, most economical and subjective ones. Before completing your purchase, we recommend you consider the advantages and drawbacks of both … Read more

What does handicap mean in golf, and how to track yours

What Does Handicap Mean in Golf, and How to Track Yours

“Handicap” is a concept widely used in golf. It is one of the main topics related to this sport that players should understand to avoid particular problems from the beginning. The “handicap” is a number used to refer to your ability, based on previous scores. Handicaps are widely used to keeping up with your progress … Read more

What do golf caddies do

What Do Golf Caddies Do

According to many “official” sources and dictionaries, a caddie is a person who carries the golf clubs. But is that true? Although technically, carrying the golf clubs is one of a caddie’s main responsibilities, their work goes beyond that. A caddy must have enough knowledge about golf to be able to provide assistance to the … Read more

What are the dimensions and weight of a golf ball

What are The Dimensions and Weight of a Golf Ball

As it may be obvious, you cannot play golf without golf balls. They are one of the most crucial accessories to practice this sport, and therefore, some standards apply to it. Unlike other accessories, there are official measurements that apply to the golf ball. Additionally, you can use different types of balls, including Two-piece, Three … Read more

How to read a golf scorecard

How to Read a Golf Scorecard

Different golf courses will have a particular number of holes. For instance, you have an 18-hole course, while shorter ones may have six or even less than that. If you’re new to golf, it may seem like a golf scorecard only portrays random numbers. You will also find different colors, such as white or gold. … Read more

How to know which golf club to use for what distance

How to Know Which Golf Club to Use for What Distance

You’ll need a distinct golf club for a determined shot. However, to figure out what club would work better in this case, it would help if you knew the overall distance – or an estimated – you hit a ball with all the golf clubs in your possession. After that, you’ll know what the best … Read more

How to become a golf course rater

How to Become a Golf Course Rater

A golf course rater’s work is often taken for granted, although they have a crucial role in the game’s development. They evaluate multiple factors within a golf course, such as the topography and water hazards. Raters are in charge of evaluating each course’s holes for all golfers, regardless of their scratch or bogey players. The … Read more

How many batteries does a golf cart use, and how long do they last

How Many Batteries Does a Golf Cart Use, and How Long Do They Last

The question that gives title to this article is more common than you think. Generally speaking, it is known that golf cart batteries may last for about ten years, although they may start malfunctioning earlier than that. It’s not uncommon to see a golf cart’s battery faulty after only three years, even if they’re privately … Read more

How many acres are needed for a golf course

How Many Acres are Needed for a Golf Course

18-hole golf courses can have different sizes. However, it’s accurate to say that most of these courses may have from five-thousand to seven-thousand yards, considering the distance between each hole. If you include the whole area, the total size is greater. Therefore, you can expect that the average golf course has from 110 to 190 … Read more

How long does it take to get good at golf

How Long Does it Take to Get Good at Golf

Are you interested in learning golf? It takes practice to get good at any sport, so you need to consider the multiple factors that may affect the learning process. Although some people may have better abilities than others and may have a “shortcut,” you can do some things to get better at golf. It can … Read more

How long does it take to play 18 holes of golf

How Long Does it Take to Play 18 Holes of Golf

Although other factors may affect the game’s duration – such as the golfer’s skill, it is safe to say that gold doesn’t last for too long or it’s a short event. Averagely, playing 18 holes of golf lasts up to 4 ½ hours. You can calculate the overall time of the game if you divide … Read more

Why wear golf shoes

Why Wear Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are necessary equipment at all times, and you cannot replace them with anything you find comfortable. Although it is permitted to use athletic ones, it would be best to use golf shoes as they were designed for that purpose specifically. Using golf shoes can bring you many benefits throughout the game, but their … Read more

What size of golf grips should you use

What Size of Golf Grips Should You Use

The size of a grip is one of the essential factors when you’re trying to choose one. For starters, you should know that there is four central golf grip size: Undersize, which usually is below seven inches. Standard, which usually is from seven to a little more than eight inches. Midsize, which usually is from … Read more

What size golf glove do you need

What Size Golf Glove Do You Need

Every sport needs particular equipment so that you can play it more comfortably. Like in any other sport, your clothes have a crucial role in golf, especially gloves. Do you know what the best golf gloves would be for you? You wouldn’t use golf pants that don’t suit you or shirts that do not go … Read more

What Is the Standard Length for Golf Clubs

What is the Standard Length for Golf Clubs

Before beginning to explain the length of golf clubs, we need to remark something crucial: there is no such thing as a “standard length” for golf clubs, neither exists any organization that can nor is authorized to set them. On the other hand, we can say that most manufacturers have particular “standard” golf club-lengths, according … Read more

What clubs are in a golf set

What Clubs are in a Golf Set

Did you get started into golf recently? Chances are you do not understand what the golf clubs are about, at least to their fullest. For starters, you should know that there are numerous golf club types, and most players carry them in their bags. That being said, there are five main club categories. Some of … Read more

What are the payouts for the Masters Golf Tournament

What are the Payouts for the Masters Golf Tournament

Although only winning the Masters can suppose one of the greatest achievements of any person’s lifetime, you will also enjoy a great payout if you earn the victory. What a dream! In 2020, the purse for the prizes was $11.5 million, something that has happened for two years consecutively now. The winner would win 18% … Read more

What is an oversize golf club

What are Oversize Golf Clubs

Not all golf clubs can be oversized. This term only makes reference to a particular type of irons, whose heads are made of metal. Irons are characterized due to their thinness, with some players calling them “blades” as nicknames. Still, this nickname is also a style, along with the “muscle-back” and the “cavity back.” Moreover, … Read more

What are the different types of golf balls

What are The Different Types of Golf Balls

Players with more expertise in the game will find little difference between golf balls. However, some golfers tend to prefer a golf ball type in particular and use them regularly. As with all the equipment in this game, the golf ball you use can make a difference in your performance. For instance, individual golf balls … Read more

How to Know What Size Golf Clubs to Buy

How to Know What Size Golf Clubs to Buy

Are you having doubts about what the right size for your golf clubs is? You’ve made an essential step. After all, it is essential to use the appropriate golf equipment for your abilities and physique whenever you begin playing. Before we start, let’s make some things clear. The clubs you choose should be appropriate to … Read more

difference between golf and hunting rangefinders

Difference Between a Golf Rangefinder & a Hunting Rangefinder

Are you using your old hunting rangefinder for golfing as well? If you are, you are probably missing out on all the special features of a golf rangefinder. Although most people use a standard rangefinder for hunting and golfing, there is a significant difference between the two rangefinders. In this post, we will elucidate about … Read more

how to use a golf rangefinder

How To Use A Golf Rangefinder The Right Way

Golfing, for me, has been a lifelong passion. Ever since I first hit the course with my dad way back in the day, I’ve been a fan. As I started on my golfing journey as an adult, I began to understand the various points where I needed to up the ante on my game. I … Read more

benefits of a golf rangefinder with slope

Benefits of a Golf Rangefinder with Slope Technology

Are you wondering why most golf players choose a golf rangefinder with slope? Or how they can calculate the right club? If yes, you are in the right place. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of a golf rangefinder with slope technology. And why you should choose a golf rangefinder with slope. But … Read more

are golf rangefinders legal in competitions

Are Rangefinders Legal in Golf Competitions

Are you allowed to use rangefinders in golf competitions? This is the most searched question when it comes to buying a rangefinder. So to answer your question, yes it is allowed to use rangefinders in golf competition but with few limitations. In this post, we will enumerate the features of rangefinders that are legal in … Read more

how optical golf rangefinder works

Optical Golf Rangefinder: The Old School Way

Do you wonder how people used to measure the flagstick distance in golf, before all these new inventions? While we are very used to electronic devices these days, it wasn’t always an option for people. They just didn’t exist back then, they were using optical golf rangefinders. People have used rangefinder devices since the 1880s. … Read more

how to hold a golf rangefinder steady when aiming

How to Keep a Golf Rangefinder Steady When Aiming

Is it your first time using a golf rangefinder? Are you facing difficulty in keeping your golf rangefinder steady when aiming? If yes, you are not the first person who is facing this problem. Many first-time users find it quite difficult to keep the golf rangefinder steady when aiming. I remember when I first held … Read more

gps vs laser golf rangefinders

Laser Rangefinder VS. GPS Rangefinder: Which One Is Better For Golf?

Are you confused, whether you should buy a laser golf rangefinder or a GPS rangefinder? Well, let me tell you, it’s not just you. When it comes to buying a rangefinder, many people get confused between these two options. But you don’t have to worry anymore, because we are going to help you decide. In … Read more

batteries for golf rangefinders

Types of Batteries Used In Golf Rangefinders

Do you want to know how your golf rangefinders run? They run on batteries. Most golf rangefinders nowadays use batteries as a source of power. Only optical golf rangefinders work on mechanics instead of power. Most popular and demanded golf rangefinders need the power to function. They get this power from batteries. Because of this, … Read more

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