What are Oversize Golf Clubs

Not all golf clubs can be oversized. This term only makes reference to a particular type of irons, whose heads are made of metal.

Irons are characterized due to their thinness, with some players calling them “blades” as nicknames. Still, this nickname is also a style, along with the “muscle-back” and the “cavity back.”

Moreover, Irons is one of the most extensive and hard-to-understand golf clubs for beginners. Before we get started into oversize golf irons, we’ll explain the essentials of golf irons for you to process the information better.

About Iron Clubs

Irons are the most common type of club that can be found in any golfer’s bag. We can categorize irons into two central types, forged and cast.

  • Forged irons were created through a similar process to what blacksmiths do traditionally. These clubs are often used by golfers who give more importance to the feel of the club.
  • Cast irons are an alternative to the traditional ones, and their creation is more straightforward. The liquid metal is poured into a mould. This allows the manufacturer to create more peculiar heads. This process is often cheaper, which is why this option is less expensive.

Furthermore, we can categorize irons according to their design.

  • Blade Irons have the traditional thin clubhead that characterizes this golf club type so much. More experienced players tend to use these clubs. The overall weight is distributed all over the clubhead, which creates a “sweet spot” in the center.
  • As their name suggests, Cavity Back Irons contain a “cavity” on the head’s back. Therefore, the perimeter has more weight. Shots fired with a cavity black iron club often follow a straighter line and fly longer.

So, what are oversize irons?

Now that you know the main iron types’ main differences let’s explain what the oversize irons are.

Oversize Irons are mostly recommended for beginners. They have solid, heavier heads, and therefore, you can feel more easily their “sweet spot,” which will help you play better shots.

As you use an oversize iron, you will get better at the game. Therefore, it is possible for you to feel a particular “lack” of control while using the club. Whenever this happens, it will be time to use a smaller head size.

How to purchase oversize irons

As you may have assumed, it would help if you chose harder heads. When the construction material is more solid, the club will have higher “forgiving” chances. For instance, most professionals recommend purchasing stainless steel clubs or those made of titanium.

However, please take into consideration that titanium is costly, so we recommend planning this purchase.

We also advise not to take any “cheap” titanium oversize iron club, as they may have less durability – and might not even be made of titanium.

Overall, these clubs were made to provide you with more ease when it’s time to hit. When you’re a beginner, you don’t want to “control” your distance. You will very likely focus on keeping the ball in play.

Over time, you’ll see that what an oversize iron provides will not be enough for your new abilities. When this happens, it’s time to find out the best alternative for you and move on to the next chapter in your golf journey with a new companion.

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