What Do Golf Caddies Do

According to many “official” sources and dictionaries, a caddie is a person who carries the golf clubs. But is that true?

Although technically, carrying the golf clubs is one of a caddie’s main responsibilities, their work goes beyond that. A caddy must have enough knowledge about golf to be able to provide assistance to the player. In most cases, it is required for the caddie to have more expertise in the game than the player himself.

If you’re new to the game but have attended several games, you have probably seen a caddie “observing” and exploring the field. Therefore, if the player has any question, a caddie should be able to answer them. “Discovering” the field makes them able to see potential obstacles or changes that could affect the player’s game.

Additionally, a caddie is in charge of informing the players about the weather conditions (including the wind direction, humidity levels, and more). A caddie’s knowledge should be enough to provide advice to the player, in case they require it.

But a caddie’s responsibilities are not limited to that; they are also in charge of maintaining the player’s equipment in good condition, including cleaning and repairing when it is necessary. Therefore, a caddie is in charge of putting at the player’s disposal all the necessary elements for them to have a good game.

However, one of the most significant characteristics of a caddie is the trust that a player puts in them. Sometimes, it is necessary for the caddie to provide assistance to the player, and that includes psychological help.

It is known that some caddies have helped some of the best golf players in history to achieve victory. Therefore, it is incorrect to take their work for granted when they have a significant role throughout the game.

A golf caddie’s tasks

We are used to seeing caddies, but we do not stop for a while to think about what they do in reality. As we have described in the previous section, being a good golf caddie implies having deep expertise about the game, its rules, and the player’s current situation.

Now, let’s describe some of the most crucial tasks a caddie is responsible for; after all, it is essential to be aware of their tasks in case you need assistance while you’re playing in the future.

  • It is required for all cadies to be experts in the golf rules. Even the most professional players occasionally solve their doubts with their caddies regarding particular situations they face during the game. A good caddie should be able to solve those doubts quickly, and therefore, they should be informed of the new rules and changes introduced to the game throughout the time.
  • Caddies also function as technical support. Sometimes, they help players sort out their doubts regarding particular aspects of golf that are not necessarily related to the rules. For instance, they should be able to provide you with assistance regarding the weather conditions, the golf club you’re using, or even some movements. These topics can be solved if we have a person with enough expertise to help us.
  • A caddie is in charge of the entire player’s equipment. Therefore, they must carry the golf clubs and all the material you need to play the game. For instance, they may advise you to use a particular golf club before making your move.
  • Caddies are also in charge of the cleaning tasks. They must ensure that the equipment is in optimal condition for the player’s employment.
  • It is required for caddies to measure distances. Therefore, they should endure this task with precision. It isn’t strange to see some caddies carrying particular items that help them with this issue.
  • Last but not least, a caddie often acts as a psychological motivator to the player. They must be there for the golfer in victories and losses, accompanying the player at all times.

What we described here are the main functions of a golf caddie. However, please note their most crucial task is to have as much expertise about golf as possible. This way, they will provide assistance to the player and help them as the game goes on. Do not take them for granted!

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