What is Better: Gas or Electric Golf Cart

A tough decision among those who play golf is to select between a gas and an electric golf cart. Although both models comply with the same function, moving you around the green, there are major differences, most economical and subjective ones. Before completing your purchase, we recommend you consider the advantages and drawbacks of both options.

If this occasion is the first time you purchase a golf cart, you may not be sure of each option’s features. What should you be looking for? What are the differences between their performance or power, for example?

This may seem not very clear at first, but you’ll have it figured out by the end of this article. Read on to find out what option is better, whether gas carts or electric carts.

It’s crucial to understand how these carts work first.

Before getting in-depth into the gas or electric choice, you must understand both options’ functioning.

  • Gas-powered golf carts work similarly to standard cars. Therefore, a combustion engine is in charge of making these little vehicles move around the green. In the modern-day, the combustion engines used for gas-powered golf carts are four-stroke, but models that use two-stroke still exist today (golfers predominantly used them in the past).
  • As for electric golf carts, they use battery cells instead. There are volt differences, usually thirty-six or forty-eight volt. Electric carts must be recharged with frequency for them to continue moving.

Both models have different prices. It’s essential to acknowledge the accessibility.

There are too many factors that affect a golf cart’s price, so what we’ll describe here will be too general. Overall, gas golf carts are more expensive at first and in the long-term. Additionally, used gas carts in good condition are extremely hard to find.

We recommend electric carts as they may be cheaper, but that also depends on the battery’s quality and condition. You must get as many details as possible about the car and the distributor. Some stores may try to sell you electric golf carts with batteries in bad condition, while others will offer you carts with a brand new set of batteries.

Furthermore, consider for a while your budget before deciding on your golf cart. Remember, it will have a significant impact on your economy in the future.

There are other factors you should take into account.

It would help if you considered other aspects before purchasing your cart. Pay special attention to the following factors:

Different carts have worse or better durability. For instance, new 48v cart models are so much better than most gas carts available in the market.

Electric cars do not produce pollution. On the other hand, gas carts contaminate almost as much as regular carts and may have that “gas smell” when you store them in places like a garage, for instance.

Last but not least, electric golf carts do not produce noise. Gas carts can be too noisy sometimes, although newer models have solved this issue significantly.

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