What is the Lag in a Golf Swing

“Lag” is a term that is often used to refer to “slow” movements. It is predominantly used in video games, but the word is used differently in golf.

In wolf, the word “lag” is used to refer to the movement in which your head remains behind your hands while you’re making the downswing while you maintain your wrists “flexed.” In other words, it is the golf club’s trailing while you’re performing the downswing.

Lag is produced when you maintain an angle between your lead arm and the club shaft when you begin the downswing by using the movement turning in turning in the lower part of your body.

This concept is essential in golf, as it adds more swing speed as the clubhead can get to the swing arc’s bottom at the appropriate moment. Moreover, it will grant you a more consistent ball striking, and therefore, you’ll be able to reach greater distances and more steady strikes.

How to use lag in your swing

Lag may be a bit complicated to implement in your swing at first, but with enough practice, you’ll be able to do it with little effort. Here we’ll explain the steps you need to follow to add that “lag” to your swing.

Step 1

Start by placing your main hand on the grip. Think of this step as if you were about to strike a common iron shot. Continue by placing the other hand below the grip around the shaft.

Step 2

It’s time to take the necessary posture and start bringing the club you’re using to the backswing’s top. A 90-degree should be created between your arm(from your leading hand) and the club’s shaft.

Step 3

Your lower body should have priority when you begin the downswing. That “pulling” feeling your leading arm creates will be encouraged, thanks to this.

Step 4

Your leading hand must be used as a “mechanism” to maintain the shaft pointing to the sky for as long as you can. The leading side of your body will produce a resistance, but that’s normal and good. The lower part of your body will take it from here, and that will enable your club to “lag.”

Step 5

As your other hand reaches the back of your leg, the shaft should still be at that 90-degree from your leading arm.

Therefore, it would be best the turn the lower part of your body to become more “explosive.” It will allow the lag to happen easily.

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