What Size of Golf Grips Should You Use

The size of a grip is one of the essential factors when you’re trying to choose one. For starters, you should know that there is four central golf grip size:

  1. Undersize, which usually is below seven inches.
  2. Standard, which usually is from seven to a little more than eight inches.
  3. Midsize, which usually is from eight to a little more than nine inches.
  4. Oversize or Jumbo, which is usually larger than nine inches.

Using improper golf grip size can greatly affect your performance, either positively or negatively, depending on what you’re looking for.

For instance, smaller grips can provide you with more mobility, and it’s usual for them to lead you to “pull” the ball.

On the other hand, large grips can limit your wrist’s probation and suppress the shot’s distance. Additionally, you can slice or “push” your shots by using a larger grip.

Grips are another matter of preference when it comes to golf.

With all this information, what size of golf grips should you use?

For this article, we’ll explore the different factors that you should consider while choosing the right golf grips for you.

These factors include the grip size itself, hand size, the shot patterns, the swing mechanics, and the overall grip style.

Grip Size

We already mentioned the grip sizes above. Most people tend to stick with the standard grips, but that varies depending on your hand size.

For instance, the standard grips are meant to be used by players whose hands have a size of about 7 to 8 ¾ inches.

Hand Size

Golf gloves are necessary all the time. Therefore, comparing your gloves’ size with the grip’s size may help you determine the best option.

For instance, let’s say you use XL golf gloves for men. If this is your case, the best option for you may be midsize or jumbo grips. However, a person with smaller hands (for example, a woman with L-sized gloves) may require a standard-sized grip.

For the smaller options, the best thing is to use undersized grips.

Shot Patterns

It is crucial to choose the right club grip as it will affect your performance directly. For instance, if the grip is too small for you, your club may twist and force you to “tighten” the grip. Therefore, you’ll end up squeezing the club whenever it impacts the ball.

On the other hand, using a larger club may result in slices instead of the desired shot.

Swing Mechanics

This factor is also varied. For those with an outside-to-inside swing style, it would be best if you considered the smaller grips.

For those with an inside-to-outside swing style, we recommend using bigger grip sizes to help with the slice, fades, and even help with your shots’ flight.

Grip Styles

There are too many grip styles to choose from. Two of them include rubber and corded. This factor depends on what you like, so it would be best to try the different styles before making your decision.

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