Why Must You Use a Rangefinder in Golf?

Is it compulsory to use a rangefinder in golf? Why should you use a rangefinder in golf? Will using a rangefinder improve your performance in golf? Is it a waste of money? Are all these questions troubling you? If yes, it is your lucky day because we have answers to all your question.

Let’s burst all your myths. Do you know, it is not compulsory to use a rangefinder in golf? But you should use it anyway because it will definitely improve your performance.

And let me tell you it is not a waste of money. It is an upgrade, upgrade of your performance, upgrade of your level and upgrade of your style. In this post, we will elucidate why you should use a rangefinder in golf and how accurate it is compared to our eyes. Let’s start with the basics first.

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What is a golf rangefinder?

A rangefinder is an instrument or a device. It is used to measure long-distance. You can conveniently measure the distance between you and your target location by using a range of finders. A golf rangefinder is used to know the distance between the ball and the flagstick. By using the distance information, you can plan your swing and hit the ball as closes to target as possible. If you already know what a golf rangefinder is and you’re looking to buy one, check my guide on the best budget golf rangefinders.

Why should you use a rangefinder?

You can use a rangefinder for a number of reasons. Let’s say it has become an integral part of golf. Many professional golfers use rangefinders. Here are some reasons why you should use the rangefinder in golf.

Fast and accurate distance measurement:

You don’t have to rely on traditional methods of distance calculation. With a golf rangefinder, you can easily calculate accurate distance. The distance is quickly measured using a rangefinder.

Avoiding hazards:

You can easily avoid all the hazards by calculating the distance. You can use a rangefinder to measure the distance of hazards and avoid them to improve your performance.

Distance control:

You simply can’t use your eyes to know the distance between you and the flagstick. When you use a golf rangefinder, you get the accurate distance. By using this information, you can easily control your game. It helps you to know the yardages to plan your shot.

Understanding angles and slopes:

By using the slope feature of rangefinders, you can understand the angles and slopes. When the slope changes, the angle change and the distance changes, so you have to plan your shot as per the change in angle.

Fast Playing:

When you play golf using a rangefinder, you don’t have to waste your time on manual calculations. The distance is quickly calculated using a rangefinder; you just have to focus on your skills while playing.

Builds up confidence:

When you are confident, you tend to do better. With a rangefinder, you will get confidence while determining the distance. It will eventually reflect in your performance.

Easy to use and carry:

Golf rangefinders are compact and mobile. You can easily carry one in your bag. You can even be GPS rangefinders on your wrist. It is easy to carry and easy to use. You don’t have to be a technical genius to use rangefinders. The control and functions are pretty simple.

Multiple features:

Golf rangefinders are available in many types. They have multiple features and options. Some of the most important features are:

• Slope measurement feature
• Jolt technology
• Pin seeking feature
• Swing review
• Club suggestion
• Weather information
• Magnification

How accurate are rangefinders compared to our eyes?

Many people don’t know the true potential of rangefinders because they have never used one. But let me tell you, our eye is pretty useless in distance measuring while compared with rangefinders.


If you’re interested, I also wrote a piece on differences between golf and hunting rangefinders.

Advanced Golf rangefinders can measure distance up to 1000 yards while ordinary rangefinders cover distance up to 450 yards. Now when you compare this results with human eye range, you will be shocked. Only 41% of professional golfers can put the ball in the target hole from 10 feet distance. And only 5% can put the ball in the target hole is the distance is increased to 25 feet.

Now you know why it is recommended to use a golf rangefinder while playing golf. It is even legal to use during competitions provided you disable some advance characteristics


These are the reasons why you must use a rangefinder in golf. It will definitely help you in improving your performance. But you have to understand that it will not help you gain skills. You will surely get upper hand by using a rangefinder, but you have to put in the necessary efforts to improve your skills.

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